Child with Mask - Michaela Leslie-Rule

As a society, we are gravitating more and more to visual platforms. Images can inspire, motivate and connect us to issues and to one another in ways that traditional data have not. In the context of research, images and visual stories are often missing from the vehicles we use to communicate findings.

Research & Evaluation

I believe that stories provide a crucial opportunity to understand the nuance of individual and community experiences. I have expertise in qualitative and mixed method approaches, and use ethnography and other forms of storytelling to access the complexity of human experience and inform a deeper and more inclusive understanding of the ways in which sustainable change occurs.

Research and Evaluation services include:

• Design and facilitation of participatory Theory of Change processes
• Participatory evaluation design, including use of digital media to support monitoring and evaluation
• Community Based Participatory Research
• Dissemination of research within stakeholder communities

Communication and Digital Media

The social justice and international development sectors have struggled to remain accountable to rights holders. I am particularly interested in designing creative platforms that elevate the experiences and perspectives of marginalized and disenfranchised groups.

Communication and digital media services include:

• Interactive PDFs that incorporate media alongside traditional M&E reporting
• Video vignettes created with archived footage to support M&E
• Short films that examine best practices of an intervention or funding strategy
• Participatory video trainings to incorporate constituent voice in program evaluation, program design and advocacy campaigns