Story X is a digital storytelling and video installation project that using ‘story exchanges’ to explore themes important to residents of Oakland, California. The project employs an oral history model to build community among Oakland residents and investigate the ways in which we — as a society — understand belonging. By exchanging stories between seemingly disparate individuals, StoryX creates a new and unusual method for digital storytelling, an opportunity for dialogue across differences, and an online platform for listening.

In 2015 StoryX will launch StoryX: Gentrification. In Oakland, and other quickly changing urban landscapes, the fight over gentrification and the perception that one community is being encroached upon by another, polarizes community members and decreases opportunities for dialogue. StoryX will use its model for resident dialogue to elevate and make visible diverse perspectives on gentrification from all corners of the city.

The video above is an excerpt of a StoryX project that explores the way young people engage with the legacy of protest and resistance in Oakland.