Keeping the Faith Project

Keeping the Faith Project.

I am the daughter of…Keeping the Faith The Prison Project 2011
Presented by the Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women in Belfair, WA.
Performed and created by: Stacy, Tracy, Marianne, Trisha, Amber, Colette, Gina, Rebekah, Molly, Katie, Kristi, Kate, Deana, Samantha, Sam, Sabrina, Maraia, Jolene and Kabrina

Directed by: Michaela Leslie-Rule
Music composed and performed by: Zeke Keeble and Ivory Smith

Keeping the Faith is a Community Participation Program of the Pat Graney Company. In 2011, I directed the artists-in-residency program at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women. Over the course of three months, I collaborated with 19 incarcerated women to create a one-hour performance. The show was performed to an audience that included women incarcerated at the facility, correctional staff and members of the general public. For more information go to

You can watch the full show here:

The readings presented in the performance are written and performed by the program participants. The performers generated the vocal score during workshops with Ivory Smith. Clips from interviews with family and friends (outside of the prison) were also included in the score.

Photo and video credit:  Sparkworksmedia and Pat Graney Company 2011